.:[SCCA RallyCross 9.1.02]:.
Date: 2002-09-02 Time: 09:17:12

Hood River County Fairgrounds 09.1.2002


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My award list is growing! Woohoo!
This is what my Jeep looks like without mud - doesn't look right.
A bed chopped brat next to Lukes Brat.
Some cars before the race begins.
Another take of my jeep I guess I couldn't believe it was clean.
More random cars.
This is a sweet 3 door Scooby - want.
Rally On and the huge ass Durango Supercharged truck!!!
Mt Tabor Rally Team Subaru and the all wheel drive/super charged CRX.
Oh it's just a normal Scooby - WRONG - it's a STi (look-alike) *drool*.
This is the track before the carnage.
The first lineup.
And they are off!
Eagle Talon - gettin' it.
This is the hard turn that everyone biffed it on...
The bif corner - look at the cones fly!
In the distance you can see my brother and I under the main tent.
Whoa, someone made it through the biff corner coneless!
More Subaru love.
Even 4 doorz rule the house. Look how close this guy is to the cone!
Another perfect run - you can tell the track is becoming more dry.
Mazda 323 AWD + Turbo.
Another Scooby finishin' hot!!!
Slidin' into home!
Another Mazda Dream Car...
My bro and I in the distance - waiting for my class.
323 close in the shot and Euro Scooby in the distance.
The 3 door scooby.
The sweet Euro scooby.
Parade lap for a blue scooby.
Eagle Talon makes it's rounds.
Still coming around.
The Talon on the final turn.
Silver Scooby on final approach.
The nimble 323 zips through the finish.
Three door Scooby makes it's parade.
Section workers drooling over the 3 door Scooby.
White Subaru coming out of warp speed.
...and his finish.
I'm not sure what happened here, spun?
Bit to much drift on that one...
Red Scooby coming out of warp...
Lookin' good coming down the mostly straight away.
Those cool lights have got to add at least 50 horsepower.
Here is Primative Racings STi (look-alike) coming in for a landing.
Euro looking blue Scooby! I see stars!
Good angle on a white Scooby catchin' some drift. (this was a fun corner!)
Check out his drift around the doughnut!
Blue Scooby takes different attack vector on the post.
The STi (look-alike) kickin' up grass.
The three door spittin' dust.
The back of my head, oh and a 323.
The three door gettin squirly around the post.
Is that reverse?
It's a cow... I think...
Little 323 - my dream car.
The 323 is gettin' some!!!
White Scooby Cone Killer!
Red Scooby finishing.
Blue Scooby with the cool lights, nearly on finish.
Three door comes in for a landing.
Dave Ellis and I on parade.
My Jeep on parade, still...
My Jeep on final parade.
My Jeep and I at the start... 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!
Scott in his Durango 5.9 RT.
Me, coming into the cross.
I made it! No cones! WOOT
Luke and his Brat.
WRX Wagon, these things still look cool.
...and on to the finish.
One of the two Ford Focus cars during the day.
Little black car gettin' some around the post.
295 getting some drift around the post. MR2?
The same MR2 around the doughnut.
Erik and Sarah gettin' some around the post in their Focus! Go Erik and Sarah!
I think this is Bob and his Forrester - beware - he's fast.
Me giving all she's got captain.
My Jeep in near perfect post action!
...and the get away.
Now that is closer to how a Jeep is supposed to look.
My buddy Lewis eyein' the Brat while we're in grid.
Me approaching the post - take two!
Um, the post is over... there... Why am I drifting sideways at 35?
So THAT is what 6000 RPMs looks like in first gear.
I didn't roll around the doughnut!
The Brat - winning, the bastard!
The red Scooby, zippin' along.
Dave, rippin' it up in his Rabbit.
Is that another Rabbit?
The OTHER Volvo Ebraking around the post.
DIG IN Volvo!
Is that a Pulsar gettin' drift?
Dave Ellis kickin' up some mud.
Dave charging the post.
Making the post look easy!
Recovering from the post slide.
Mazda RX2 attacking the post!

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