.:[SCCA RallyCross 9.29.02]:.
Date: 2002-09-30 Time: 14:03:04

Columbia County Fairgrounds 09.29.2002


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The first MOV clip (courtesy of Erik Lyden) of my Jeep through the hairpin S curves.Travis_1.mov
The second MOV clip (Note - you need Quicktime to view these.Travis_1.mov
The third MOV clip.Travis_1.mov
This is John Olson and I, with our game faces on
The early morning drivers meeting... And so it begins...
Look at all the nice clean cars in the morning session...
More clean cars at the drivers meeting - well and Dave Ellis.
Erik Lyden and Sarah - getting their game faces on.
The yellow $50 RX7 and the slightly more expensive RX7 behind.
News Flash from Erik Lyden - we are looking at a rare picture of (from L to R) Matt Tabor, Bruce Tabor, Mike Nagle and Rich Olmstead.
Vintage Scooby and the rest of the morning lineup.
My Jeep! Hey, is that mud from last RallyX?
A Volks Bug in grid! OMG!
Beware the quick and nimble ScoobyBrat!
The virgin field from my work station...
And the weather starts to roll in...
Remember this pict of my caution flag.
Erik and Sarah - ready to start.
RX7 coming through the "S" turns.
Um... Not that way... Little did I know he was going to steal the cone for the duration of this run - we just can't have nice things.
Erik and Sarah - drifting wide on the S.
Herbie would have been proud.
Primer Power - that's got to add at least 50hp.
Ok, so I was scared for my life half the time standing at this point - rightly so I might add. I didn't get the best picts because I was running away...
The big Durango, super charged no less!
The little automatic GEO - phear him. He'll make you pay.
Erik and Sarah again - heading right for me.
A Tiberon making a drift.
Cody in his CRX - gettin' some.
A departing shot of Cody and his CRX.
I think this is a Subaru Justy, not sure.
Hey, where did the front right tire go?
Who knew - an Infinity at a Rally.
A little white scooby.
RUN!!! Here comes another one! DIVE!
A departing shot of that mini-me Scooby.
Fear this little Geo! He can Ebrake!
The $50 RX7 makes his debut!
Still running, 4 seconds later.
So for $50 you didn't get brakes, that sucks!
Hey Mustang, I bet you can't run over a tree...
Woops... I should be quiet.
I don't think you can really see it here - the tracks are smoking..
The vintage Scooby, go old school!
Fear the station wagon drift!
Toyota Celica, pullin' it tight around the S.
Subaru - heading toward me!
Man, I want one of these GLHs.
Driftin hard before the end gate.
He got his turbo fixed! Back in business!
No smoke screen! Woohoo!
This Audi was pullin' hard!
Final drift into the finish.
The checker RX7 diggin' in.
Erik and Sarah ebraking through the Ss.
Off to the finish!
The rear tire on this guy looks flat - but really it's not.
No 360s VW man!
I think this is a Subaru, get some!
Here comes the Bug - can you drift a bug?
I bet that air cooled is hot!
Um, Mike - is that a feature?
There goes Mike and his antenna...
This Alfa Romeo sure looks cool!
The Alfa on his departure!
I believe this is a Mitsubishi, he looks like a pro!
The same guy on his departure.
Erik and Sarah lookin' like pros.
I could almost touch their car!
Here comes the super charged boat!
Not quite as nimble as a Scooby but it makes up for it in horse power!

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